Sports Recovery

Recovery is probably the most underutilised component of competing training, yet it can have the greatest effect on whether or not an athlete reaches their goals pain and injury free.

Sports Recovery Sessions

Our Sports Recovery Sessions include a number of recovery techniques specifically designed to get your muscles back in tip-top shape so you can recover from strenuous activity faster and avoid future injury.

They include:

  • NormaTec compression
  • ice bath
  • hot bath
  • massage
  • rollers
  • trigger point ball work
  • electro muscle stimulation
  • localised cryotherapy
  • and more.
Photo of treament tent after sporting event

HS&IM brings elite level care to all our athletic patients. With our background of treating professional sportsmen and women, combined with our current medical practice, we understand how to best treat athletes after performance to maximise sports recovery.

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